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ABB IRB 1200 Industrial Robot

ABB IRB 1200
Robot Lab (Room G23)
Level 03 - Machine Certification


ABB IRB 1200 robots are medium sized, multipurpose industrial robots with a reach of 901mm. The MSD Robot Lab has two ABB 1200 robots which are used by student for exploration and investigation of robotics in architecture. Each robot is mounted in a cell that is designed to enable safe, hands-on exploration with robotics and varied end effectors, or tools. The robots can be operated independently or the cells can be joined together to become a collaborative cell. A wide range of end effectors can be connected to the end of the robot allowing the robot to be used for a huge variety of tasks such as to move, shape, bend or melt materials or even 3d print.

Video of Operation

Health and Safety

The ABB IRB 1200 robots will be available for students and staff to operate once all required training has been completed.