Our work in construction focuses on the social, technological, financial and environmental challenges facing the construction industry today. Our research and teaching incorporates broad areas of technical endeavour, seeking to improve management of the industrial structure, the fabrication and procurement process, and the output of building.

Our construction curriculum is conceived to integrate the present requirements of professional training and education with the future needs of the industry, domestically as well as internationally. Our teaching seeks to produce successful work-ready graduates, but to also challenge students to contribute intellectually to tackling the industry’s social, technological, financial and environmental challenges.

The Construction major focuses on the management of people, processes and materials in the construction industry, and how they apply to specific building projects. This is an exciting and challenging time to be working in this field, as technologies are changing rapidly and our built environment has to respond quickly to difficult global environmental and resource challenges.

Our students learn through site visits and special presentations by industry professionals to deepen their understanding of real world practice.

Rapid technological advances in building design, construction, fabrication and project management are issuing great challenges and opportunities for innovative and sustainable practice. Given this context, we aim to carry out research that has significant impact on the way professionals are educated and trained to create productive and effective practices.



Undergraduate study in Construction is taught through the Bachelor of Design.

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