Linda Kennedy

Linda Kennedy is a Dharawal woman from Wollongong, NSW. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne, having completed her undergraduate degree at the University of New South Wales

Learning from her peers is one of Linda’s most rewarding experiences at university.

“I get to study with people from all different places across Australia and the world,” says Linda. “Learning about the experiences of other Indigenous peoples and other nations who have also been colonised, and the appreciation and respect that international students have for Aboriginal cultures encourages me to share my culture and my history.”

Linda works part time in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning as a Research Assistant and is looking at ways in which the University can support more Indigenous students to study a Bachelor of Environments.

“More than anything, I am excited by a future where more Koori people are studying and working in design, architecture, landscape, planning – everything related to the built environment,” says Linda.

“Indigenous cultures hold knowledge and systems which can influence and inspire the way that we design and live in the built environment. The more of us that take up careers in these areas, the more change we can create for the future.”