Dr Andrea Jia

Senior Lecturer in Construction Management


Andrea Jia is Senior Lecturer in Construction Management in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. Her research focus is in three areas:

  1. climatic heat stress management in construction;
  2. safety-in-design (prevention-through-design, or design-for-safety), with regard to Integrated Project Delivery;
  3. studies of professions and organisations in the AEC industry, specifically, architecture firms and construction project organisations

Her research approach included scientific research based on meteorological and human thermal regulation models, ethnographic research into safety management practices on site, and institutional analysis on systems, processes and cultures of construction projects.

She is open to inquiries from potential Masters and PhD candidates interested in these areas.

Andrea’s teaching portfolio has included project safety management, project delivery systems (procurement systems), research methodologies, design studio, professional practice etc. She has a keen interest in professional education, in understanding the diversity and individualities of students, and in creating fun for their development. The purpose is to plant a seed of intelligence with enjoyment of work and life, in the hope that they will become leaders of empathy and compassion in a competitive industry.

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