Catherine Alexander

Research Fellow: Translation & Development


Cathy Alexander has a background as an environmental journalist, and left the media to take-up a paid position with MSSI in August 2014.

Cathy was a journalist for eight years. She began covering environmental issues when working for Australian Associated Press in the Press Gallery in Parliament House, Canberra, in 2007. She won the European Union / Qantas journalist’s award in 2009 and spent five weeks reporting on climate and environmental issues from Europe, including reporting from the UNFCCC Copenhagen summit.

Cathy squeezed in a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne’s Office for Environmental Programs in 2011-2012, where she focussed on environmental policy, economics and law. Her most recent media job was as deputy editor of the news and opinion website Crikey, where she continued to write on environmental issues.

Now she is at MSSI, Cathy works on research translation – helping get academic research out to policy-makers, the media and the public. She has given a guest lecture on knowledge translation, chaired panels, and co-written articles for the media. She is working on a research project on Australian climate policy.

Cathy tweets at @cathymalexander

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