Dr Huey Wen Lim

Mckenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Huey Wen Lim is a Mckenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. Her current research explores mental health issues in the construction industry. She has also published on the topics of disaster resilience and construction safety.

Huey Wen holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from HELP University (Malaysia), and obtained her master’s degree and PhD in Engineering (Construction Management) from Tsinghua University (China). Her academic background in psychology and engineering has made her committed to broader interdisciplinary themes prioritised by human factors and behaviour towards occupational and environmental hazards.

Before joining UoM, Huey Wen worked as a research assistant at Tsinghua University. She played a lead researcher role in several national key research projects in China and made contributions to grant proposals and research outcomes. In addition, she built effective working relationships with partners of diverse backgrounds, including academics, government, hospitals, construction practitioners, and community stakeholders.

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