Dr Julie Tian Miao

Senior Lecturer in Property and Economic Development


Dr Julie Tian Miao is a Senior Lecturer in Property and Economic Development in the Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, and is also an honorary Fellow in Shanghai Jiaotong University, China. In 2017 Julie held a Visiting Fellowship in Hong Kong University. Previously she worked as Lecturer in Urban Planning and Development in Glasgow University, convening the Master Programme of Urban Economics and Planning in the Glasgow-Nankai Joint Graduate School, after she worked as Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow in the Housing Research Centre of St Andrews University, UK. Currently Julie is the Co-Editor for Regions Magazine and associate Editor for Regional Studies, Regional Science. She is a Trustee and sits on the Board of Regional Studies Association.

Julie was awarded her PhD in Economic Geography and Planning by University College London, supervised by the late Professor Sir Peter Hall. Her research and teaching interests cover the economics, planning and the built environment of the knowledge economy, knowledge workers, housing market dynamics and affordability, as well as innovative, informal and entrepreneurial urbanism. Funded by the Regional Studies Association, British Academy, the UK Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust, and Australia Housing and Urban Research Institute among others, Julie has conducted a series of research projects looking at housing, innovation/science parks, knowledge workers, urban transformation and new typologies of neighbourhood, and developed a unique set of intersecting interests on the contribution of housing and real estate to knowledge economy and designated science spaces in particular. She has published widely on Environment and Planning, Urban Studies, Regional Studies and Housing Studies. She is also the lead editor of Making 21st Century Knowledge Complexes: Technopoles of the world revisited (Routledge), which is a Routledge Best Book Award Nominee (2016) and being translated into Chinese.



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