Dr Melanie Lowe

Research Fellow, Urban Resilience and Innovation


Dr Melanie Lowe is Research Fellow in Urban Resilience and Innovation at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. Melanie’s research investigates how to plan healthy and resilient cities, and the use of indicators to monitor and inform policy.

She works at the interface of the public health and urban planning fields, highlighting the co-benefits that can be achieved for human health, sustainable development, liveability and urban resilience.

Melanie works collaboratively with researchers and policymakers across a range of disciplines to strengthen consideration of health in city planning. Her research has been included in local, state and federal planning and public health policy documents in Australia. She was a lead collaborator on research that won the 2019 Planning Institute of Australia National Award for Cutting Edge Research and Teaching. She has expertise in a range of qualitative research methods, including interviews, document analysis, and literature reviews. Melanie obtained her PhD from The University of Melbourne and also holds a Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours).

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