Dr Stephanie Butcher

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Connected Cities Lab


Dr. Stephanie Butcher is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Melbourne Centre for Cities. She is a part of the 'Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality' (KNOW) project, a global consortium which seeks to deliver transformative research and capacity in policy and planning that will promote and strengthen pathways to urban equality.

Previous to this post, she worked with the Development Planning Unit (DPU) at the University College London as a Teaching Fellow, convening courses focused on the themes of participatory planning, urban inequality, and gender and diversity in the Global South. Her doctoral thesis was shaped by principles of action-research, and focused on the 'everyday politics' of water infrastructure for informal settlement residents in Kathmandu, Nepal.  It examined the micro-politics of how gender, tenure relations, and ethnicity shaped how diverse residents interacted with the socio-technical aspects of infrastructure, impacting a sense of citizenship.

Areas of research focus include citizen participation and governance, gender and diversity, and urban inequalities (especially housing and infrastructure). She has partnered with organizations in cities in Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and the UK to support community-driven processes of planning.

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