Dr Jasper Wijnands

Research Fellow
Transport, Health and Urban Design


Dr Jasper Wijnands is a mathematician, with extensive experience in quantitative analyses and mathematical methods throughout his education, research and consultancy career. His research on machine learning methods and artificial intelligence has led to high-quality publications in various domains, including computer vision, transportation, urban design, climate science and financial mathematics.

His PhD in mathematics (The University of Melbourne) explored machine learning algorithms and other mathematical techniques to improve the accuracy of tropical cyclone forecasts in Australia and the South Pacific Ocean. Jasper’s research currently focusses on deep learning methods, such as generative adversarial networks, variational autoencoders and Long Short-Term Memory recurrent neural networks, in relation to transport, health and urban design.

Jasper previously worked as a manager and consultant in EY’s Advisory practices in Melbourne, New York, Zurich and Amsterdam, focussing on financial risk management.

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