Dr Jyoti Shukla

Lecturer in Property


Issues related to housing and land economics are of prime interest to Jyoti and most of her research and publications are in related fields. Jyoti's doctoral research applies economic theory of 'capability' to design a fairer mechanism for the compulsory acquisition of land. In this research Jyoti re-examines the nature of losses of landowners, through the lens of ‘capability’ and identifies valuable ‘functionings’ of land which should be satisfactorily reconstructed or replaced to enable the landowner to resume her original condition (prior to acquisition). Jyoti’s research argues for two-stage improvement in the existing mechanism through procedural developments and comprehensive compensation strategies. As a natural expansion of her earlier research, Jyoti is currently focusing on designing a ‘resilient compensation mechanism’ for those who are struck by natural and man-made disasters.

Jyoti is an international researcher and has worked on a wide range of issues spreading across Australia, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Previously Jyoti has worked at the RICS School of Built Environment (Noida, India) as Assistant Professor and have also been involved as Assistant Manager (Urban Planning department) with a large-scale urban development project, the GIFT city (Gujarat, India).

Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Master of Urban Planning
  • Master of Science in Real Estate
  • Doctor of Philosophy

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