Paul-Antoine Bontinck

Research Assistant


Paul-Antoine Bontinck is an environmental engineer, with strong expertise in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of product and processes. His research at the University of Melbourne focuses on methodological work to better assess the environmental impacts of the built environment. Paul-Antoine is a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, where he is involved on a Discovery Project aiming to develop a comprehensive hybrid input-output database of the embodied environmental flows associated with construction materials. This work has the overarching aim to provide more holistic information to the industry, so that more representative assessment can be carried out, leading to better decision making. Prior to joining the University, Paul-Antoine has been involved in research in the field of LCA at RMIT University’s Centre for Design, and in a private consulting firm. His practice led him to work directly in France, Australia and the UK, and to also participate in consulting projects reaching Russia, Italy or Suriname.

Affiliation: Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS) – Board Member

Featured projects

Publication: Product carbon footprinting and labelling: Lessons from footprinting 1000 products in Tesco’s supply chain, avniR conference 2011.



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Practice and Construction Innovation

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