Dr Stephanie Liddicoat

Research Fellow


Stephanie’s research interests are at the nexus of architecture and health, and include how the built environment can support wellbeing within hospital settings, and the role of design practice in mental health service environments. She is engaged as a Research Fellow on the ARC-linkage project “Designing for Wellbeing: Realising the Benefits for Patients through Best Practice Hospital Design.” Her doctoral research (completion 2017) explored the mental health service user perceptions of built environments and implications for design. She is also interested in participatory research methodologies, and furthering the field of evidence based design, through research and community engagement projects.

Stephanie also utilises emerging digital design and visualisation technologies in her research and teaching. Key to this is the recognition of how emerging technologies such as virtual reality, gaming, prototyping and mass customisation will impact not just design but also research processes (particularly participatory research processes). Stephanie offers a range of specialisations including: expanded and emerging drawing practices; virtual reality technologies in design process and visualisation; design approaches and methods; collaborative/participatory design; design with and for sensitive populations; phenomenology/the somatic and design for health

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