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ABP Alumni Networks


The Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning is excited to announce a new initiative: the ABP Alumni Networks.

Melbourne ABP Alumni Network

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Women of ABP Alumni Network


Singapore ABP Alumni Network

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The ABP Alumni Networks’ primary purpose is to connect and engage our alumni, based in a specific location, through events and provide them with opportunities for career networking and collaboration. The Networks will bring together recent ABP alumni and graduates with many years of industry experience. Furthermore, the Networks will assist the University of Melbourne to better represent and recognise active members of the ABP alumni community.

One of the Networks’ aims will be to help our younger alumni kickstart their professional career and link them with experienced built environment practitioners. We seek for recent graduates to have a strong presence in the Network, to ensure that we serve the needs of our community of young alumni.

The ABP Alumni Networks are organised and driven by groups of engaged ABP alumni volunteers, who have already made impressive progress to turn their vision of a closely knitted and engaged alumni community that benefits all members a reality. In December 2015, the Singapore ABP Alumni Network was officially launched with an event at the Singapore National Design Centre.


The Melbourne ABP Alumni Network launched in September 2016 with a Q&A session for alumni in the Faculty's historic Japanese Room.


In December 2016, the Women of ABP Alumni Network launched with a panel conversation in the Singapore Theatre. The network's aims are to support female graduates of ABP through networking and providing opportunities for discussion and exploration of career barriers and opportunities; and to support newer graduates and students to see the breadth of available career opportunities through profiling graduates and their careers.

In future years, we hope to open further ABP Alumni Networks in cities around the world.

For these networks to prosper and fulfil their potential, they require the input of our alumni. If you would like to find out more about the ABP alumni networks, please contact the networks at the links above, or speak to ABP Advancement Officer Simon Elchlepp ( / (+61) 3 9035 5945)