Design Thinking MicroCerts

ADD+F co-directors Leire Asensio-Villoria and Dr Paul Loh will be leading a new Design Thinking MicroCerts to tackle problems across multiple disciplines and industries. 2022 Programme starts on 6th June 2022 - Enroll now.

Design thinking is an approach to problem-solving that has benefits far beyond design, creative and innovation disciplines.

This Melbourne MicroCert demonstrates how to harness the design process to approach 'wicked' problems across any industry.

It's ideal for professionals from a wide range of sectors seeking enhanced creative-thinking skills to tackle problems in new and innovative ways.

Explore design process in a studio-style practice

Adopting a studio-style approach, you'll explore key steps of the design process – research, ideate, curate, prototype, make, reflect, and reiterate – and consider how this can apply to problems within your own professional context.

Experiment with new ways to generate ideas

Gain new perspectives and build confidence in your ability to ideate and develop concepts and ideas. Be guided to freely experiment, collaborate document and present your exploration process in a reflective journal.

Use design thinking to enhance your collaborative skills

Explore how you can use design-thinking methods to collaborate across a range of disciplines and with peers within your own industry.

Approach complex problems in your industry in new ways

Applying your knowledge, you'll define a complex or ‘wicked’ problem – related to an object, space or system – within your own industry or organisation. Using design-thinking methods to create an artefact that responds to the problem, and be guided to present it in a visually compelling way.

Registration close date: Sunday 5 June 2022

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