DF_Lab Summer 2022 Intensive (ABPL90378)

DF_Lab (ABPL90378) introduces students to the use of software and hardware components, which are used in leading design practices today and are becoming increasingly important tools for future practice in architecture, landscape architecture and construction. DF_Lab students learn and demonstrate the capability to prototype, using digital design and fabrication techniques, (including Laser Cutters, 3D Printers and CNC Routers) combined with physical computing devices to augment existing fabrication techniques.

In this Summer Intensive students will be joining a team of researchers from ADD+F Research Hub to develop a modular street fixture for outdoor ambient cooling. Students will have the opportunity to take part in the design and making of a structure that supports an evaporative cooling system. The structure will use sensor technology capable of controlling local climatic conditions and helping mitigate overheating in the built environment. Students will explore and apply a digitally-driven workflow to build a physical prototype, utilising a 3-axis milling machine to fabricate the components needed to assemble an approximately 4-meter-tall structure. The aim is to exhibit the structure during the Melbourne Design Week 2022 as a collaborative project and prototype.


Starts January 17, 2022

Applications no later than December 27, 2021


Mitchell Ransome and Darcy Zelenko


Dr. Djordje Stovanovic, A/Prof Rochus Hinkel, Dr. Paul Loh, Leire Asencio, David Mah

For detailed information regarding applications, dates and assessments please consult the handbook, course code ABPL90378.