We offer a suite of exclusive alumni events and networking opportunities, such as reunions, presentations and panel conversations with industry members, researchers and students, as well as social gatherings and receptions to help you catch up with friends and peers.

Alumni-exclusive events

Throughout the year, the Faculty holds many events that are exclusive to ABP alumni. These include:

  • ABP Alumni Network gatherings and presentations
  • Special lectures such as Mark Burry’s 2017 presentation on his work on the Sagrada Família
  • Reunions and alumni gatherings in Melbourne, interstate (Sydney, Perth) and around the world (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Jakarta, Sarawak, Penang)
  • Our best students presenting to alumni during our annual MSDx exhibition
  • Receptions following our Dean’s Lecture Series presentations

If we have your current email contact details on record, you will automatically receive an invitation to all relevant ABP alumni-exclusive events. If you are an ABP alumna or alumnus and haven’t received these invitations, please make sure to update your details with us.

Public lectures, exhibitions and events

The Faculty hosts a plethora of events throughout the year that are open to the public, providing opportunities to engage with ABP alumni and industry professionals about built environment issues.

Organising a reunion

Reunions enable old friends to reconnect and remain in touch. If you're interested in organising a reunion with your university friends and cohort peers, we can assist you by:

  • Providing a list of names of relevant alumni for the reunion
  • Offering suggestions and advice
  • Assisting with initial email contact to alumni
  • Promoting the reunion through alumni communications
  • Preparing an Update Contact Details Form for the reunion to ensure latest alumni details are retained by the Faculty for future event planning
  • Planning your reunion

    Getting started

    Depending on the complexity of your reunion, it might be worth sharing the planning requirements and setting up an organising committee. Members of the committee will be able to take ownership of the event, and responsibility can be allocated to individuals for key aspects. While Faculty staff will provide support, organisational responsibility rests with the reunion organisers.

    Lead time

    It is best to allow plenty of time to plan your reunion event and give ample notice to your alumni group. We recommend that you allow at least eight to ten weeks to plan, organise and finalise the details of your reunion.

    Date and location

    The ABP Alumni and Stakeholder Relations Coordinator can arrange for a space in the new MSD Building to be booked for the reunion.

    In particular, the Building’s terrace on level 4, located between the staff kitchen (conveniently located for catering) and the historic Japanese Room, has proven a very popular location for reunions and other events. However, other spaces can be booked as well.

    If this is of interest to your reunion group, a tour of the new MSD Building can be arranged before the reunion event itself. One possible reunion model that has been used in the past is a one hour tour of the building, with the alumni group then proceeding to a location near campus such as the Clyde. This particularly suits more informal reunion gatherings.

    The Faculty’s Alumni and Stakeholder Relations Coordinator can also suggest catering options to suit the level of formality and budget that applies to your event.

    Consider the following:

    • Weather / time of year
    • Long weekends, public holidays and if relevant school holidays
    • Is there a large event happening at the same time in your chosen location, eg Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final?
    • Will the location require travel and accommodation?

    Type of reunion

    • Do you want to hold the reunion gathering on campus or off campus?
    • Do you want a formal dinner or get together?
    • Would you prefer an informal gathering?
    • Do you want a full weekend or just a lunch/dinner?
    • Would you like the Faculty to be involved, e.g. the Dean or other Faculty staff to attend?
  • Getting in contact with alumni


    In line with Australian privacy laws, the University is able to provide reunion organisers with a list of relevant alumni names as this information is available in the public domain. The University is not able to provide any further information, including contact details, to a third party in accordance with the legislation.

    However, the Faculty’s Alumni and Stakeholder Relations Coordinator will be able to send emails/letters to members of your year group, notifying them of your plans for a reunion and asking them to contact you in case they are interested.

    Further information, check the University’s privacy policy.


    For large-scale formal reunions, it is advisable to send four email communications:

    1. Six months prior to the event – send a ‘Save the Date’ to inform the group about the tentative plans, any costs involved and expressions of interest. Responses to this will provide an indication of numbers and assist with further planning.
    2. Three months prior - to confirm final plans and invite registrations, with a deposit or full payment as required. If payment is required, it is recommended to set a deadline in this email no later than two weeks prior to the event.
    3. One month prior – reminder for registrations and final payments.
    4. Just prior – a final reminder and warm up email for a great reunion ahead!

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