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Animating the Archive

GLAM (Galleries, Libraries Archives and Museums) institutions are using the internet to launch their extensive collections into a wider public through virtual museums and digital archives, searchable databases, crowd-sourced contributions and online communities. Yet profound challenges remain in the innovative use of digital technology to enable deeper engagement with collections that produce meaningful connections, new knowledge and creative outputs.

The aim of this project is one of outreach to and engagement with cultural organisations in the GLAM sector in Melbourne to probe the future of innovative uptake of mobile and media technology. Activities include:

i) Hosting an international symposium DigitalGLAM in July 2016 that brings together cultural institutions, historians, heritage practitioners, researchers and digital designers to discover new practices in digital media and cultural engagement. The event will include national and international keynote talks, and panels of presentations and discussions around four themes of Touring, Digital Frontiers, Immersive Experience, and Animating Archives.

ii) The production of an edited book/website that consolidates the knowledge from the DigitalGLAM event.

iii) A pilot study and large grant application will flow from the ideas generated from the symposium.

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Probing the future of digital technologies in "GLAM" institutions

Project Title

Animating the Archive

Major Sponsor

Melbourne Engagement Grant

Associated Research Centres

Australian Collaboratory for Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage
Citizen Heritage ARC Project

Research Partners

University of Melbourne
State Library of Victoria

Project Team

A/Prof Hannah Lewi (Uni of Melb)
Dr Wally Smith (Uni of Melb)


A/Prof Hannah Lewi