How can I book the ABP Microstudio?

The ABP Microstudio uses an Outlook calendar boking system. Only people who have a booking can use the Microstudio at that time. Bookings are only available during week days between 9apm and 5pm.

  1. Every ABP staff member can book time on the microstudio through outlook.
    • If you have already mapped your university account on the outlook desktop app you can access the calndar through there
    • Alternatively, you can access outlook on the web by logging into
  2. On the bottom left, click on the calendar icon. This should bring up your own calendar.
  3. Select the date for which you would like to book the microstudio, and click on New Appointment (Outlook) or New Event (OWA)
  4. In the Title/Subject line, write the title of the project.
  5. In the recipients line, add the ABP Microstudio by entering !ABP L2 Room 203 Micro Studio.
  6. In the description box, please state:
    • A short description of the project
    • What ABP subject (if any) will the content be used for
    • Which station you will be using (Podcast, Screencast or Video)
    • Any special requirement you might have
  7. If the microstudio rejects your calendar invitation, it means the room has already been booked at that time.

For reasons of equity, individual bookings can have a maximum duration of 3 hours at a time. If you need longe recording sessions get in touch with BEL+T at

Unless agreed upon in advance, the BEL+T Microstudio can only be used for the production of teaching and learning material.