Types of recordings possible

The ABP Microstudio has been designed to film one or two people in front of either a white screen or a green screen.

The white screen (using the roll down blind) provides a neutral background which can be used for fast recordings that will require minimal keying and masking in post production. A bright white background can be distracting if it is brighter than the talent (person in front of the camera). However, the lights in the Microstudio have been set up and calibrated to avoid any overexposed background so it is important that the studio lights should not be moved. Infinite white backgrounds (see example below) is a popular minimalist look used by videographers. However the scale of the ABP Microstudio does not allow infinite white backgrounds. Some videos with a white background are also often recorded with a chroma green background, which is then substituted for a white background in post production.

Example of infinite white background .

The green screen (blinds rolled up) provides a background that allows for chroma key compositing. Chroma key compositing is a video post-production technique that allows the layering of different footage. A chroma green background allows for the removal of the background so that any background can be substituted. Chroma green is used as it is the colour that differs the most in hue from human skin tone. A uniformly lit green background is essential for correct chroma compositing so again, it is important that the calibrated lights be not moved. While the chroma key compositing technique is very popular, it does require post-production and is not always straightforward, so keep that in mind when deciding which recording method will work best for time budget/post production skills.

What is green screen technology? .

Both the green screen and white screen allow for recording one standing person (ideally) but can be used for two people standing. Other configurations can be discussed with BEL+T team, but will be limited by the space and the equipment.