2022 Special Issue: Fostering connections in higher education

The Student Success Journal is calling for interested parties to submit full manuscripts for their 2022 Special Issue "Fostering Connections in Higher Education - Inclusive Pedagogies and Practices". This issue takes a critical lens on "connections" in teaching & learning and the role it plays in influencing student experiences of commencing and/or continuing their tertiary education.

The Student Success Journal is seeking empirical studies, articles and practice reports that examine the following modes of connections:

  1. Between students/peers
  2. Between students and staff (academic and professional)
  3. To a physical space (e.g. the physical campus, a library, university centres)
  4. To an online space
  5. To a place within a university (e.g. Indigenous Centres/Units for Indigenous students)
  6. Fostered prior to undergraduate studies (e.g. outreach programs, transition and/or enabling programs) or during undergraduate or postgraduate courses
  7. Fostered formally and/or informally in different teaching & learning contexts.

The full manuscript involves 150 word abstract within a maximum of 12 pages (including references) and are due by Monday 6th June 2022.

For further information regarding where to submit can be accessed via this link.