A Framework for Educational Excellence at the University of Melbourne - Call for Feedback

The University’s Advancing Students and Education (ASE) strategy sets out an ambitious vision for improving its educational offering over the next seven years. Enabling this vision requires a shared understanding of what a world-class educational experience looks like. This is the goal of the Framework for Educational Excellence - the first of several new initiatives coming from the Advancing Students and Education strategy that work to better value excellence in education.

The Framework identifies seven critical dimensions of staff contributions to educational excellence at the University of Melbourne. It is intended to be a tool that can guide teachers seeking to improve their teaching practice and make it far easier to reward the teachers who are already providing excellent teaching to progress through the ranks of this institution.

Consultation with staff, students, and various committees is underway and there are multiple ways for your voice to be heard. This consultation process is happening early in the drafting process so that as many voices as possible can be heard and accounted for in the design of the framework.

The framework is out for consultation with staff until Saturday 30 September. You can read the framework and submit your feedback on the draft here.