Call for Images: Exhibition of Experimental Landings

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) and the Pratt Institute School of Architecture are seeking interested participants to contribute to the event entitled "Experimental Landings", as part of their 2022 Teachers Summit titled "Summit for Climate Agency: Teaching the Design Experiment",

This year's summit intends to critically examine how architectural pedagogy can engender an interest in conducting experiments following scientific rigor, whilst cohesively bringing research and design together. Through the exhibition, the role of "site" in design research is critically examined through the question of how designers assert agency through the representation, organisation and formation of "land". "Experimental Landings" purports to shift the term "Landing" from noun to verb and reposition notions around site/land as an active agent possessing a wider context, boundary and community. Furthermore, it examines the various modes of site experience/engagement afforded through technology and the potential pedagogical influences in architectural education at present and in the future.

ACSA and the Pratt Institute are asking for exemplary 2D or 3D representations of projects produced through emerging teaching practices that showcase how architecture and landscape architecture experiments across a visceral understanding of the term "Land" according to the following themes:

  1. Artificial Earths
  2. Imaging Ground
  3. Seeding Resilience
  4. Mapping Maintenance

The exhibition is scheduled to be opened as part of the 2022 Teacher's Summit closing events and held in Pratt Institute’s, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design (GAUD) outpost till late August. Submissions of work are required by Wednesday 25th May 2022 and should include the following:

  1. Title of work,
  2. One high-resolution board, portrait-oriented 36 x 42” (pdf or jpeg, 10MB limit)
  3. Written description, not to exceed 350 words
  4. Clear indication to one of the four curatorial thematics or rendering a clear separate discourse.
  5. Clear indication of the proposed medium of display. If a 3D medium is indicated, please address the authors' funding source, and plans for transportation, installation during the month of June and removal in late August.
  6. Faculty Research work is preferred though work done in the context of an academic studio will be considered. If the proposed exhibition work was explored in a classroom setting, a clear indication of authorship should be established citing both the faculty and the student.
  7. Submissions must be written in English.

Submissions can be made through the website link provided here.