Call for Papers: TAD Journal on Coding in Architecture and Design

TECHNOLOGY | ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN (TAD) is set to delve into the multifaceted realm of coding in its upcoming issue titled ‘A Deep Dive into Coding in Architecture and Design’. This edition will explore the intricate relationship between coding and the worlds of architecture and design, examining its foundational roles and modern implications.

While coding is commonly associated with regulatory frameworks and architectural mandates, it has evolved to encompass so much more. From influencing the digital tools architects use to shaping how professionals imagine and convey their designs, coding’s impact is extensive. This issue of TAD aims to shed light on the intersection of building codes, computer codes, and the broader implications for the field.

Contributors are encouraged to submit works that span historical insights, reflections on building standards, and research into the wider influences of coding on socio-environmental initiatives. Though the primary focus of this issue is coding, submissions are welcomed on a broad array of topics in line with their mission statement.

The deadline for submissions of manuscripts is January 15, 2024. All submissions will be double-blinded, and contributors are encouraged to adhere to the guidelines set out in the TAD Author Guide. For more information, please visit the TAD website.