Call for Papers: The TAD Journal

The Technology + Design is calling for original research manuscripts for consideration in the Tectonics issue.

The Tectonics issue investigates the intersection of structure and construction, together with the emerging research in intelligent buildings, building and material science (biomaterials, composites, assemblies), architectural kinetics, mass customisation, and parametrically-driven digital fabrication and simulation. TAD is promoting research that redefines/deconceptualises ways architecture and construction address the diverse technological, cultural, economic, and ecological imperatives of our times.

Subject Areas for consideration include:

  • Material Constructions: structural design; construction technology; architectural materials; building envelopes; emerging and nanomaterials; material assembly and manufacturing; and fabrication.
  • Environmental Design: sustainable design; resiliency; life cycle analysis (LCA); performance simulations; energy studies; building systems design; acoustics; indoor comfort; landscape and environmental systems; and site design.
  • Digital Design: Data in design; digital fabrication; robotics; software development; information technologies; smart buildings and cities; methods (software and tools); smart environments; augmented and virtual reality; and responsive environments.
  • Project Delivery:  BIM; lean construction; integrated design; emerging project delivery methods; post-occupancy evaluations; and contracts.
  • History and Theory of Buildings and Technology: research in building technology history and/or theory of technology that advances any of the above subject areas
  • Pedagogical Innovations and Research with demonstrable outcomes in any of the above subject areas. Submissions in this area will be exceptional in the level of pedagogical research documented through systematic investigations and multiple iterations. Submissions should also demonstrate the potential for substantial curricular innovation.

Full manuscripts are due before 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Wednesday 15th June 2022.

For further information please visit the following page: