Call for Submissions: 2023 ACSA/EAAE Teachers Conference

The 2023 Teacher Conference, the joint conference of the North American and European associations for architectural education, will focus on understanding and activating cosmopolitan citizenship in architectural education. It is driven by the "urgent need to clarify the societal mission of architectural education in a time of grand challenges amidst a climate crisis, social inequality, rapid urbanization, pandemics, and wars that operate at a global scale and affect all of us." The conveners note that the conference "aims to focus on the capacity of architectural education to respond to these challenges while creating conditions for students and educators to locally engage as active citizens in their communities."

The call solicits scholarly presentations for the conference--to be held 22-24 June 2023 in Reykjavik, Iceland--and proceedings. The conference addresses practitioners, academics, and citizens in general with an interest in exploring the present and future societal role of architectural education and invites participants to submit papers or posters reflecting on imagining architects’ societal roles as: 'dissident intellectuals, ethical professionals, engaged storytellers, co-creative partners or caregivers of the world'.

Abstracts of a maximum of 1500 words are due 12 October 2022, and more details can be found here.