CFP: Teaching and Learning Conference 2023

The Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2023 (4-6 July 2023 at Keele University) seeks to discuss "how we can shape the future of teaching and learning in higher education across the globe' and asks participants to share 'how you are shaping your teaching, your department, your institution and your future in higher education.'

The conference call for papers is open until 28 Nov 2022.

Submissions related to seven thematic areas below can be discipline focused, interdisciplinary, or multi-disciplinary in nature.

The theme Teaching in the Spotlight: Shaping the future of HE will address the following areas and themes:

  1. Shaping the future by challenging the norm
  2. Shaping the future through education for sustainable development
  3. Shaping the future through flexible teaching and learning
  4. Shaping the future of inclusive teaching
  5. Shaping the future through staff-student curriculum co-creation
  6. Shaping the future through engagement – students, employers, community, alumni
  7. Shaping the future through immersive learning experiences

Further information about the Conference and paper submission guidelines can be found here.