CRADLE Seminar Series: The Politics of Student Belonging

Image for CRADLE Seminar Series: The Politics of Student Belonging

Student belonging in higher education is a dynamic and multifaceted concept It goes beyond physical presence or academic engagement, encompassing a sense of acceptance, integration, and personal identification within the academic community. This sense of belonging can significantly impact students' mental health, motivation, and academic outcomes, making it a crucial area of focus for educational institutions.

CRADLE's seminar on The Politics of Student Belonging aims to dissect this complex topic, featuring research on how students in the UK and Australia experience and construct their sense of belonging. The seminar seeks to challenge conventional approaches to nurturing belonging and highlights the necessity for more nuanced, context-aware strategies that acknowledge the diversity of student experiences and identities.

Event Details:

  • Speakers: Professor Rola Ajjawi, Associate Professor Karen Gravett, and Professor Sarah O’Shea.
  • Date and Time: 6:00-7:30pm AEST, 29th November
  • Venue: Online

For further details and to register for the event, please visit CRADLE Seminar Series Event Registration.