End Subject Survey (ESS) for 2022 Semester 1

The End Subject Survey (ESS) will run during Weeks 11, 12, and SWOTVAC, to start Monday 16 May and close Sunday 5 June

The University has published survey promotion guides to encourage feedback from a wide group of students in each subject cohort.

The University Student Learning Survey webpage sets out details including the structure, purposes, and use of survey results, and includes further information for staff and students.

Information about ESS/MSS questions and research that can inform subject changes following student responses and comments has been prepared by BEL+T here.  Emergent themes from 2021s2 ESS responses will also inform focus group discussions in coming weeks, and support for next semester teaching.

Questions about the administration of the ESS can be directed to Adriel Mangohig in APTS at adriel.mangohig@unimelb.edu.au.