HERDSA Online  Webinar Series 2022

HERDSA is hosting a series of webinars to discuss emergent challenges and issues in higher education and opportunities for Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoTL) research. These topics are relevant to Built Environment Academics and the research on SoTL to improve the experiences of staff and learners for effective learning and teaching.

Webinar 1: Education focussed academics: the changing face of academia

Hosted by NSW Branch on Thursday 4th August, 2022 - 1pm - 2pm (AEDT)

The summary about this Webinar according to the hosts is as follows:

"There have always been discipline based academics whose passion has been education rather than research.  The contribution and commitment of these faculty, while often valued within their own department, has largely gone unrecognised at an institutional level in absence of clear guidelines and a national policy.  However, this is slowly changing.  More and more institutions now have teaching/education focused academics  engaging in scholarship, accessing professional development opportunities and with career progression akin to those with traditional teaching and research work portfolios.

In this panel discussion hosted by the HERDSA NSW Branch, we will explore the recent drivers and changes to the higher education environment that have led to the development of these roles; look at the question of ‘academic identity’ and career pathways in this changing institutional environment and some of the challenges that still remain."

Webinar Presenters:  Janis Wardrop, Jo-Anne Chuck, Corina Raduescu, Collins Fleischner, Gerry Raynor, Sharon Flecknoe, John Randal, Susan Page

Find a link to the session here.

Webinar 2: HERDSA Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Webinar

Hosted by NSW Branch on Thursday 6th October, 2022   -   1pm - 2pm (AEDT)

The summary about this Webinar according to the host is as follows:

"The aim of the webinar is to introduce participants to the valuable HERDSA Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) online learning modules. The modules introduce new scholars to the role and value of SoTL in an academic’s professional learning plan and remind experienced scholars of the process of designing and implementing a SoTL project. In the webinar, participants will be briefly guided through an overview of each of the five modules and discuss the breadth of approaches to engaging with the modules as individuals, communities of practice, and as part of formal learning and teaching accreditation programs. The modules can be accessed individually by HERDSA members, and an institutional license is available for purchase."

Webinar Presenter: Associate Professor Deb Clarke, Lead author, HERDSA SoTL modules

Find a link to the zoom session here.