InnovatEd project demo presentations

The InnovatED project demonstrations will showcase EdTech tools developed by members of the University of Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre community. It will be held on May 25 from 3pm-5pm at Melbourne Connect.

InnovatEd is an incubation program for educational technology (EdTech) innovations focused on higher education. As a part of the broader University of Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre community, InnovatEd is dedicated to EdTech innovations. EdTech tools can take many forms, such as feedback facilitation, learning delivery solutions and virtual classroom environments. Each support teaching, learning and assessment in different ways.

This event is an opportunity to hear from the 2021 InnovatEd project leaders and learn about their developments. The 2021 InnovatEd supported projects include:

  • 3D Whiteboard is a platform that enables real-time annotations in virtual environments. Educators can interact with real and virtual objects, while students easily access their viewpoint through a web browser. BEL+T's very own Fernando Jativa Guzman  is the co-project lead in this development.
  • Deckle is a subject based task-sharing tool for students to engage within a social platform. The virtual study rooms connect students within subjects with like-minded students to meet, chat about the latest lectures and provide peer study support.
  • The Modular Patient is an online clinical simulation package that allows a flexible patient journey model to be created by connecting units from a library of journeys from across allied health services.
  • OSCE Generic auto feedback app takes the pain out of Objective Structured Clinical Exam testing. It has been designed for use in clinical assessments to simultaneously deliver usable and developmental feedback to students in a timely fashion while also streamlining staff administrative duties.
  • The Amazing Cell Sandbox Machine is a gamified, interactive e-learning biological processes simulation tool. It immerses students in a multidimensional learning experience focusing on the intra-cellular interactions at the foundation of biological sciences. Students choose their own adventure, while building their understanding of complex biological interactions and developing their analytical and problem-solving skills.

For more information and registration details, please visit the Eventbrite page for the Melbourne Innovated project demonstrations.