International Conference 2023 on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG)

The Design Research Society Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG) is calling for interested parties to submit papers for their 2023 International Conference in Italy. The event titled “From Abstractness to Concreteness - experiential knowledge and the role of prototypes in design research” aims to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to discuss and debate topics concerned with prototyping and its role in generating new and existing knowledge in creative disciplines.

The call for paper encourages contributions with the following:

  • What are the new roles of prototypes in these evolutionary pathways in design research?
  • How do new sophisticated, integrated, and advanced prototypes support research in various areas of design?
  • How do different research contexts (practice, R&D, and academia)      collaborate in design research due to the making and use of prototypes?
  • How do prototypes enable the creation of theoretical knowledge and support speculative research?
  • How do prototypes enable the creation of practical knowledge and support empirical research?
  • How do prototypes enable the exploration of new research fields?

If you are interested in the above call and wish to collaborate, please reach out to BEL+T.

For further information including an extended list of themes, please click here.