JAE CFP: Reparations!

This issue of the Journal of Architectural Education is centered around the theme of "Reparations!" and invites interested parties to contribute their voice to the wider discourse on the role of architecture (both in practice and education) in indigenous communities. Such questions to consider include:

  • How can architectural institutions work towards reparations?
  • What happens after the fuel of gentrification ignites the engine of reparation?
  • What models of pedagogies of reparations are currently being deployed, rendered and imagined?

Reparations! also invites critiques, calls for action, design projects, community building programs, manifestos, and speculative narratives of emancipatory futures in the form of Micro-Narratives and Discursive Images.

The submission deadline for manuscripts is Saturday 30 July 2022.

For further information please visit the following page.