MCSHE: Learning Design Studio Workshops for LTI proposal development

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) design studios are a series of workshops conducted by the  Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE). These workshops aim to foster collaboration and innovation among academics in the field of teaching and learning. The program primarily targets academic staff with teaching or subject coordination duties, also welcoming educational technology developers to the teams.

The next series of two Learning Design Studio Workshops from CSHE will focus on the collaborative development of LTI project proposals. These sessions are open to all faculties and are designed to guide teams in the process of applying for and securing these grants. Information on these sessions is shown in the table below.

Developing LTI GrantsMonday 19 June12:00-2:00pmRoom G01, Ground Floor Elisabeth Murdoch (134) Building, Parkville
Developing LTI GrantsWednesday 5 July12:00-2:00pm Room G01, Ground Floor Elisabeth Murdoch (134) Building, Parkville

Due to the limitations in venue size, registration must come via an Expression of Interest. Teams comprising 4-5 individuals must submit a title or topic along with a brief summary outlining the innovation or idea they aspire to cultivate. An abstract of up to 500 words is optional and can be submitted at the team's discretion.

For more information about the LTI Grants workshops or the TEL design studios program, please click here.