Melbourne CSHE: The purposes of Australian higher education

The Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Melbourne CSHE) is holding a symposium on the 24th March that will explore the purposes of Australian higher education. Evidently, the landscape of higher education in 2023 is convoluted but very promising. Universities are recovering from the pandemic disruption universities and the government is implementing a significant policy reform process. The symposium, headed by Professor Simon Marginson, will "examine the changing purposes of higher education. Discussion will focus on what this means for individuals, organisations, national and international communities, and policy and practice".

To commence the symposium, Professor Simon Marginson will deliver a keynote speech on the intrinsic and extrinsic purposes of higher education. Following this, leading thinkers will lead sessions on the diverse purposes of higher education in the Australian context, analyzing both individual and social collective outcomes.

Other speakers include Professor Sophie Arkoudis, Professor Chi Baik, Professor Jill Blackmore, Jon Chew, A/Prof Gwilym Crouches, Professor Andrew Norton, Professor Sara O’Shea, Professor Ly Tran, Professor Muchael Wesley, Dr Tracey West and Professor Chris Ziguras.

For more information, please head to the Melbourne CSHE website.