Spatio-temporal tales conference: Call for papers

The Centre of Architecture and Visual Arts (CAVA) is hosting a symposium titled Spatio-temporal tales: Design Pedagogies of Digital Narrative Practices. The symposium will be held online on the 28-29th October 2022, and the deadline for abstracts is the 29th July 2022.

CAVA is a multi-disciplinary research centre interested in the intersection of space, media and culture in the context of digital, networked spaces and spatial practices with particular emphasis on their social and economic impact.

The symposium will focus on the design pedagogy of digital narrative practices. Digital narrative practices such as film, animation, video games, and, more recently, narrative pieces of virtual and augmented reality are an integral part of current architectural education. They function as a means of spatial storytelling about the past, future and realities of the fictive and real architectural and urban spaces.

In the words of the organisers, the symposium “seeks to concentrate exclusively on the notion of ‘pedagogy’ which is rarely addressed as the primary concept within the field. It is hoped that the tight focus on pedagogy and charting the education of digital narrative practices will suggest new directions for research in this area, considering both historical and recent advancements". The forum asks the following questions:

  • What are the pedagogies, teaching methods and theories and approaches in the context of digital narrative practices?
  • How can the discipline of architecture inform its own pedagogies, languages and systems for digital narrative practices?
  • How can the emergence of digital narrative practice change architectural education and its structure?
  • What are the pedagogies of digital narrative practices, both now and historically?
  • How can the discipline of architecture and its educational structure assimilate into the screen/virtual oriented culture of the twenty-first century?

The symposium will be organised as a series of online presentations. Following the symposium, selected contributors will be invited to develop and submit written extensions of their papers for publication in the form of either an edited book collection or a special journal issue.

Submissions will be in the form of two categories: Research presentations (paper) and creative projects. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):

  • The role of digital narrative artefacts within the context of architectural education
  • Tools and techniques of digital storytelling media and its impact on architectural education
  • Social media, online content sharing platforms and architectural education
  • Digital narrative practices as an observational tool for the scrutiny of the reality and everyday life in architectural, interior or urban spaces.

For more information, please go to the CAVA spatio-temporal tales conference event page.