Upcoming BEL+T Workshop: Finessing Feedback Practices

From 11:30-1:30PM Tuesday 26 September—during this semester’s non-teaching period—BEL+T’s Sarah Song will delivering a workshop on Finessing Feedback Practices.

As educators, we are constantly engaging in feedback practices—whether it's crafting written gems, leaving creative markups, or sparking enlightening verbal exchanges. Crafting and delivering feedback is where we have the opportunity to engage with each student to build the positive teacher-student relationships that have been shown to underpin good student outcomes. But do you ever find yourself wondering if your feedback has made an impact with your students?

This two-hour interactive session will introduce key theories and frameworks on feedback literacy and practices, along with practical activities designed to create opportunities for participants to share and reflect their own experiences with fellow ABP educators.

Among other things, this session will help you to identify and demolish twelve common feedback roadblocks that can stop the development of those positive relationships—and the development of students' work—in its tracks.

Limited spots are available for this event, which will be face-to-face only. If you are interested in attending, please register via Eventbrite.

Casual teaching staff who register via Eventbrite and attend the full two-hour session will be paid for this professional development at the same rate as for induction sessions.