Nano Langenheim

Teaching Excellence Award (New Staff)

Nano Langenheim teaches into both the undergraduate and graduate levels of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. For the past eight years she has coordinated and taught the multidisciplinary 3rd year core landscape architecture subject Site Tectonics (Bachelor of Design), Shaping the Landscape, a core subject in the first semester of the 300 point MLA, and for the past two years, Flexible Urban Modelling (a multidisciplinary elective in the MUD). These subjects broadly bridge digital and manual design techniques and deal with critical issues for the design industry, as it grapples with the impact of climate change (flooding), aging populations (equitable access) and urban development (landscape modification).
The committee chose Nano for this award to acknowledge her development of curricula that reflect a command of the field. Her teaching practices on climate change and other wicked problems contribute to us achieving our Faculty strategic goal in preparing students to design solutions for a future we cannot yet predict.