Djordje Stojanovic

Teaching Excellence Award (New Staff)

This award recognizes the contribution of a new staff member to the development of delivery and teaching at ABP and is awarded to Dr Djordje Stojanovic.

This award recognises Djordje’s development of an agency-based approach to teaching in a design studio setting, in particular through Design Studio Epsilon – the capstone studio of the Architecture pathway in the Bachelor of Design.  This has included a focus on community building through structured peer-to-peer creative collaboration; engaging with practitioners who exemplify a collective approach; and developing design briefs that test the balance of the personal and communal. These themes have been informed by recent publications and funded research in the area, and teaching innovations supported by successful LTI applications.

Alongside this approach, Djordje has also focused on the refinement of a supportive online learning environment during the past two years.  This has included providing students with clear avenues for feedback about the subject, and communicating the responses to these concerns, and is reflected in high ESS results for 2021 semester 2.

Although a relatively recent arrival at ABP, Djordje has also taken on the role of Program Coordinator for the Master of Architecture, working with colleagues in the faculty and programs to respond to challenging circumstances, and to engage productively with the professions within and beyond Australia.

Congratulations Djordje!