Hella Wigge

Award for Excellence in Teaching (student choice)

Our next award is the Award for Excellence in Teaching (student choice), which is voted by students.

It is awarded to Hella Wigge, and the citation I am about to read out is drawn directly from comments provided by students.

“Hella creates a collaborative and accepting learning environment for all students. She is open to students' ideas, providing constructive feedback and cultivating a positive studio culture. She communicates clear goals between each class and provides opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback. She offers support for each unique individual through specific and detailed feedback, encouraging students at all levels of competence. Hella is empathetic towards individual circumstances and considerate towards students’ mental health needs. She is flexible in her approaches and views, and takes feedback given by students on board. Hella goes above and beyond to inspire development and individuality.”

Congratulations Hella!