Sample Subject Updates Table

It is important that survey feedback and subject changes are communicated to students. University guidelines recommend using the LMS for this (see here).

To assist in this communication, BEL+T has prepared this sample Subject Updates table. A blank table is available to be added to Canvas subject sites – please contact to arrange, or talk to a member of BEL+T when planning subject teaching for the next semester.

ESS Survey QuestionsSubject Updates in Response to ESS
1. This subject was intellectually engaging and stimulating​
  • Break long lectures into shorter segments (15/20 minutes), with a short, 'pause for reflection' break.
  • Intersperse lectures with illustrative models, experiments or short problem-solving sessions.
2. The expectations, including assessment requirements, were clear​
  • Inclusion of a new tile on the subject site which includes information about the subject from past students' perspectives (including a survival guide about the assessment).
3. I received useful feedback on my progress​
  • Miro comments are signposting for students
  • Feedback fruits will be used
  • Recording 'virtual reviews' or 'virtual crits' for students to re-check
  • Rapid replies to emails, effort to promote discussion boards.
4. The study resources and materials provided were helpful in my learning​
  • Creating virtual site visits, creating example Miro boards for assignments,
  • Establish a framework for delivering content and stick to it.
5. There were opportunities for useful interaction and engagement with other students in the subject​
  • Provision of useful resources for students to consult about group work
6. Overall, I had a very good learning experience in this subject​
  • Quiz at the start of the semester for students to describe their expectations for the subject