6. Overall, I had a very good learning experience in this subject​

Compared to the SES questions in the past, this question shifts the overall ESS/MSS focus towards the 'learning experience' of students to consider subject quality, rather than a judgment about teaching quality. The focus is on a ‘very good’ learning experience that is expected by students of the University of Melbourne.

BEL+T has developed a relational framework for learning and teaching that is described above by our DIAgram. The sixth ESS question highlights the importance of Delivery, Interaction, Assessment and Coordination within the overall DIAgram. The framework and its representation focus on Learning Engagement and Belonging as the foundational aims for the design of these activities, and the Coordinated integration of Delivery + Interaction + Assessment as elements that support this. The entire framework is encompassed by a Supportive Learning Environment to acknowledge the importance of student wellbeing.