Academic Integrity

"The University of Melbourne expects the highest ethical standards from its students and staff in all areas of their academic work and professional behaviour. The work of each individual reflects on the academic and professional standing of the University as an institution that upholds ethical practice in research, learning, and teaching. Academic work submitted for assessment or publication must be the original work of the author or authors. If the ideas or words of others have been drawn upon, this must be thoroughly and clearly acknowledged using agreed scholarly conventions."

- Professor Richard James, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Provost (Academic and Undergraduate)

This site provides a thorough overview of the issues and implications of ACADEMIC INTEGRITY for staff and students of the University. Both students and staff should be aware of the requirements of Academic Integrity, as well as the implications when these are breached, as they can be significant and are treated very seriously by the Faculty and University. If you have concerns about a students' submission, you should contact the subject coordinator or senior tutor before speaking with anyone else. They will follow up with the student if necessary. The Academic Support Office can also provide guidance in this or other forms of suspected ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT.

ABP Academic Integrity Guidance

Academic Integrity at the University of Melbourne