History of Learning and Teaching

Several of the Faculty’s historians have published on particularly formative or radical periods or players in the history of built environments education. This work provides important context to our contemporary learning and teaching activities.

Examples of recent scholarship in this area

David Nichols: “The Beginnings of Tertiary Planning Education in Australia 1949-1950” (2018 book chapter)

Andrew Murray: “Geodesic Domes and Experimental Architectural Education Practices of the 1960s” (2015 conference paper)

Stuart King: A Decade of Radical Pedagogy: Barry McNeill and Environmental Design in Tasmania, 1969-79” (2018 journal article)

Annmarie Brennan: “Design Process as Argumentation: Horst Rittel and the Systems Theory Approach in Architectural Education” (2015 conference paper)

Rochus Hinkel: "The Enduring Impact Of The Bauhaus Experiment On Interior Design Education" (2019 journal article)