Learning Design

With a focus on frameworks that support quality learning experiences, scholarship on learning design considers the content, platforms, structure and timing of delivery, interaction and assessment. Research projects in this realm typically involve developing and/or testing conceptual approaches—for subjects, disciplines or multi-disciplinary contexts—that take into consideration specified student objectives.

Examples of recent scholarship in this area

Kate Tregloan: “Multiple Measures: Benchmarking Quality Assessment Tasks to Facilitate Interdisciplinary Learning in the Creative Arts and Humanities” (2017 report)

James Thompson: “A Pre-disciplinary Approach to Built Environments Education: Teaching Seattle on Foot” (2017 journal article)

Pippa Soccio, Kate Tregloan, James Thompson: "Well-coordinated: learner-focused coordination tactics beyond the pandemergency" (2020 journal article)

James Thompson: "Qualified Satisfaction: First-Year Architecture Student Perceptions of Teamwork" (2021 journal article)

Mehran Oraee: “Teaching Collaboration in Tertiary BIM Education” (2018 conference paper)