Nearly half of the Faculty’s BEL+T-related outputs are focused on better understanding or improving the effectiveness of our teaching methods. This includes studies of teaching discipline-specific software, as well as studio-based and design-build pedagogies.

Examples of recent scholarship in this area

Paul Loh: “Making as Pedagogy: Engaging technology in design teaching (2018 book chapter)

David O’Brien: “Wakathuni Early Learning Center, Bower Studio” (2018 book chapter)

Kim Dovey and Elek Pafka: “Urban Design Pedagogy” (2017 book chapter)

Alan Pert: "Productive Uncertainty: The Pedagogical Benefits of Co-Creating Research in the Design Studio" (2020 journal article)

Ishita Chatterjee: "What Works in the Architecture Studio? Five Strategies for Optimising Student Learning" (2020 journal article)

Iderlina Mateo-Babiano and Kelum Palipane: "Placemaking Sandbox: Emergent Approaches, Techniques and Practices to Create More Thriving Places" (2020 edited volume)

Toong Khuan Chan: "Enhancing student motivation and learning with monetary prizes in a construction management undergraduate subject" (2020 conference paper)

Judy Bush: "Embedding Sustainability in Interdisciplinary Pedagogy for Planning and Design Studios" (2021 journal article)