Getting Access (Space + Facilities)

  • Getting to Know our Building

    OH+S provide a tour of the Glyn Davis building focusing on emergency exits and procedures as well as the facilities that are made available to sessional staff.

    Contact: Tracey Grant

  • Keys + Building Access

    All doors require ‘SWIPE ACCESS’ to enter. Please submit an access request form. Your card will be valid for Glyn Davis Building Staff Lounge and the Baldwin Spencer Hotdesk space located in G01 – G04. All meeting rooms and print rooms in Glyn Davis and Baldwin Spencer room are available for use.

    Staff Cards & Building Access (requires login)

  • Lectern Keys

    Receive LECTERN KEYS from your Subject Coordinator.

  • Hotdesk Areas

    HOTDESK space is available to all Sessional Tutors in G01 in Baldwin Spencer. These are strictly hotdesks and will be monitored, so please be respectful to your colleagues and clear your desk when you’ve finished.

  • Lockers

    LOCKERS are available to all sessional staff to use for the duration of each semester. Please see the staff intranet for more information.

    ABP bike store and staff lockers (requires login)

  • Workshop Areas

    The WORKSHOP offers tours of their facilities.  Please note that you will need to complete the OHS training below to make use of the facilities, or to borrow items from the Loans Desk.  Workshop projects involving students should be coordinated by subject coordinators in conjunction with Workshop staff.

    Level 1,2, and 3 Inductions reset every calendar year. You must redo them in order to gain access to the Workshop spaces.

    Level 1 Induction: Completed online here.

    Level 2: Completed in person at the Workshop, bookings required.

    Level 3: Machine-specific, completed in person at the Workshop, consultation required.

    Contact: Tom Frauenfelder.

  • Laptop Hire

    LAPTOPS are available for hire.

    Contact: Tom Frauenfelder.

  • Photocopying + Printing

    Your staff card is required to print from any of the staff PRINT rooms in the Glyn Davis building.  If you’re having issues please contact Central IT on 834 40888 to get your printer access connected to your staff card.

    Printers & Copiers (requires login)

  • Stationery

    Whiteboard markers, pens / pencils and other STATIONERY is available from the Stationery Room on level 4 of the building.

  • Off Campus Activities & Field Trips

    If you are planning an off campus activity, makes sure you are aware of what you and your students need to do before you head out there.