Getting Paid

Information and resources for getting paid at ABP.

  • Contract Set Up + Approval

    Please note the start and finish date of your CASUAL CONTRACT. Be aware that you will lose access to most university systems at the conclusion of your contract, but your email account will remain active for a short period. Please refer any requests for extensions to the contract date for system access to your supervisor.

  • Timecards

    Information for all casual staff including submitting and amending TIMECARDS and saving timecard templates is provided via the page link.

    Casual staff (requires login)

    Timecard submissions and payment:

    Your supervisor(s) will need to approve your timecard before the deadline of 4.00pm on the Monday before a pay run (pay runs are fortnightly). If you have other casual engagements at the University, you will need to differentiate your timecard entries to reflect this as each is approved separately.   All rows in a timecard will need to be approved in order for that timecard to proceed to payment (if one or more approvals are missing at the deadline, your timecard will not be processed that pay run).  Once all lines in your timecard are approved, the timecard will be paid in the next available pay run.

    Creating a timecard template in Themis

  • Pay Rates + Responsibilities

    As a Sessional Tutor within the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning you will support undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. You will make a substantial contribution to the teaching program you are engaged in by preparing and conducting tutorials or studios, consulting with students, undertaking assessment and attending meetings as required by the Faculty.

    Your letter of engagement for casual employment and relevant Position Description/Duty Statement provide details in relation to relevant key responsibilities and pay rates. Please follow up with your supervisor as listed on your letter of engagement or with HR Assist if you have any questions or require clarification about these.

    Further information can be found here - Human resources - Staff Hub

  • Illness + Unplanned absences

    Unplanned absences (eg illness) should be communicated with your Subject Coordinator or Senior Tutor as far in advance of your teaching as possible.

  • Reimbursements

    Before incurring any out-of-pocket expenses that you would expect to be reimbursed by the Faculty, please ensure that you have approval from your supervisor. Approval from your supervisor must be obtained in advance, otherwise the expenditure will likely not be reimbursed.

    Consider whether the MSD Loans Desk has the equipment you are after for loan instead of purchasing.

    Sessional staff: Getting paid and out-of-pocket expenses (requires login)