Getting Set Up

  • Faculty Induction Session

    Faculty INDUCTION SESSIONS provide information about the faculty, teaching approaches and resources at the University.  You should attend if you are new to your sessional teaching / tutoring role in the Faculty, or if has been more than two years since you have attended last.

    Casual Staff Payments (requires login)

    You are able to claim 2 hours payment as ‘‘Casual Academic Support - Lvl A.2 of Level A.6 (phD)', submitted to your supervisor via timesheets. Details for staff regarding this and related issues are provided via the link.

    Information for Casual Staff (requires login)

  • ID Card

    Every staff member of the University needs a Staff ID CARD. Your staff card also acts as your access card and is used for parking and most office printers. Your staff card will also give you access to general areas in your Faculty/Department. If additional building access is required, you will need to contact your supervisor or authorised approver for your department to have access programmed on your card for relevant access.

    Staff ID Cards (requires login)

    New Staff (requires login)

  • UniMelb Email

    Your UNIMELB EMAIL address will be provided when you have set up your staff card, and will remain active for four weeks after the completion of the contract.

    All staff are expected to check their EMAIL address regularly, and to respond to student queries quickly.

    All teaching-related correspondence must be via your unimelb EMAIL address, and all students must use their unimelb.student address for teaching-related queries. If students email you at a different address, you will need to discourage them, and to reply from your unimelb email.

    Outlook Inbox (requires login)

  • Essential Training

    ‘CASUAL EMPLOYEES COMPLIANCE TRAINING’ can be completed via TrainMe. Please complete this within the first month of your onboarding or if you have not completed the training within the last two years.  You can claim 0.5 hours payment as ‘Casual Academic Support - Lvl A.2 of Level A.6 (phD)' submitted to your supervisor via timesheets

    TrainME (requires login)

    Information for Casual Staff (requires login)

  • Under18s + WWCC check

    As you will know, all academic teaching and teaching support casual/sessional staff are now required to successfully complete a WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK prior to commencing employment at the University, as well as any other casual staff (including casual RAs) engaged in work that involves direct contact (including electronic contact) with any person under the age of 18 as identified by the University. This requirement applies regardless of the length of the contract or estimated number of hours for which the staff member is engaged. Please also note that your duty of care, when teaching more junior students, should be considered in your interactions with them.

    Working with children check: Casual staff (requires login)

  • IT Services

    The SERVICE NOW portal assists with requests for IT services or repairs, as well as discussion boards to assist staff with queries.

    IT Services (requires login)

  • UniMelb Staff Hub

    The STAFF HUB includes news items from across the University to stay up to date, as well as access to systems and policies, as well as support.

    Staff Hub (requires login)

  • Library Access

    LIBRARY ACCESS is automatic with a current Staff Card. It applies to all Libraries in the University, even Rowden White (for non-academic resources).

    University Library

  • University Getting Started links

    As well as the information provided on these pages for ABP sessional staff, the University provides links to important resources and details to help all casual staff to get started.

    New Staff (requires login)