2. The expectations, including assessment requirements, were clear​

This ESS question highlights the importance of Assessment and Coordination within the overall DIAgram.

Compared to the SES questions used in past years, the focus on clarity of expectations is more targeted than the quality of coordination in general.

The qualitative descriptors of Great Teaching that align with this question are listed below, as well as some tactics to improve each.

  • Explicit

    Submission requirements are explicit, including how these will be assessed (e.g., via rubrics).

    Tactics to consider:

    • Providing ways for students to confirm their understanding of assessment requirements through framed peer reviews prior to submissions.
    • Setting aside time to discuss rubric terms and translation with staff and students.
    • Ensuring subject guide includes submission requirements, details and deadlines, and referring back to these often.
  • Consistent

    Students are receiving consistent messages from all staff members about subject expectations and objectives.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Communicating regularly with teaching colleagues to develop and confirm a consistent understanding of key points.
    • Providing a structure and set of objectives for each tutorial that clarifies the objectives, while leaving room for tutors to personalise their approach.
    • Observing at least one of each tutor’s sessions per semester and providing feedback.
  • Clear

    Subject documentation is straightforward and transparent in terms of expectations of students.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Communicating the structure of the subject clearly to students.
    • Acting in line with communicated timeframes and deliverables.
    • Connecting subject documentation to the University and ABP Faculty context.

If you have other tactics relevant for this ESS question, please contact BEL+T to share them!